Quasi - A Broken Lizard Film
QuasiOnly on Hulu 4/20
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About Broken LizardSeen Super Troopers, and still have no idea who the hell we are? Find out more about us.
The Official Website of Broken Lizard
Super Troopers 2Available now on DVD, Blu-Ray, & Digital

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    Broken Lizard Films

    Broken Lizard is a five-man comedy, film-making group, devoted to intense sunshine, Floridian deep tissue massage, and the advanced study of keeping it realism. During our travels, we made SUPER TROOPERS, BEERFEST, CLUB DREAD, THE SLAMMIN’ SALMON and PUDDLE CRUISER. Find out more.
    Puddle Cruiser - A Broken Lizard Film
    Super Troopers - A Broken Lizard Film
    Club Dread - A Broken Lizard Film
    Beerfest - A Broken Lizard Film
    The Slammin' Salmon - A Broken Lizard Film
    Super Troopers 2 - A Broken Lizard Film