Day 1: Holy Sh*t!

To our Amazing, Supportive Fans,

We’re psyched to say that we’ve blown past the halfway point and we’re rapidly approaching the $2 million mark! We couldn’t do this without your help and you have no idea how grateful we are for your contributions, shares, comments…all of it! You’re a bunch of rock stars and we’re simultaneously humbled and pumped. Pumbled is probably the best way to describe it.

The five of us had a great time talking to you on the Reddit AMA. Lemme’s eyes were crossed by the end of it.

[Lemme note: I wrote 4,000 messages!]
[Jay note: Not really.]

You had the typical assortment of smart and ludicrous questions, and we had some even better answers. New Jaguar game anyone? WKOWCHOW! (That’s the sound a jaguar makes.)

Since then, we’ve been busy responding to your questions and posts via email, Facebook, Twitter and carrier pigeon. We’re grateful for your contributions, and it looks like you’ve been grabbing some of our favorite perks. (Patrol car? Speaking line? Baseball game? Gone, gone and gone. If you want us at your wedding, act fast!) But if you missed out today, keep checking back. You’ll see some new and very, very different stuff. So, stay tuned.

If there’s anything you want that you don’t see, let us know in the comments (below) and we’ll see if we can make it happen. If enough people request the “Kick Farva In The Nuts” package, we might make it happen. And if you have any questions, make sure to check out the FAQ before shooting us a message.

In the meantime we’ll be here watching the tally and making human sacrifices to the syrup gods in honor of you all.

See you tomorrow.

Broken Lizard