Day 6: We Passed $3 Million (!!!)

Dear People of the Greatest Planet in the Galaxy,

Just a few hours ago, we passed our second goal of $3,000,000.

We were about to write “thank you from the bottom of our farts,” but it sounded a little cheeky. (Why do people say “from the bottom of the heart?” Isn’t that actually just saying “the heart’s tushy?” The whole thing is confusing once you start breaking it down. Let’s move on.)

Thank you from our heart’s tushy.

Just a few quick updates:

1. When we reach our next goal – $3,500,000 – we’ve got a special surprise thank-you gift that we’ll give to all contributors. (Even the people who are just paying $1 to see our asses.) Want a little hint? It involves a Broken Lizard film you’ve never seen before.

2. On Tuesday, we’ll share our STRETCH GOALS, all the way up to $10,000,000, explaining how the movie gets better at each milestone we pass and how we’ll make it worth your while. (We’re not just burning C-notes over here at Broken Lizard Industries – we’re asking for your financial help, and you deserve to know what we’re doing with the cake.)

3. If you hung out and live-tweeted Super Troopers with us yesterday: thanks. If you didn’t, and you can’t live with yourself, Uproxx put together a list of their favorite tweets.

4. Passing our next goal put Mac in such a good mood that he decided to pay Farva a special Sunday visit.

It was laden with religious implications. See for yourself.

(Magic Mike? Really? Oh, whatever.) See ya tamarra!!!

Broken Lizard