Day 7: Monday, Monday

ICYMI: Jay wrote a great article for The Daily Beast explaining why we turned to crowdfunding to make Super Troopers 2, and why – like many filmmakers – we couldn’t get it made any other way. It’s a bit of cool insight into the current state of the studio system, why we’re hoping to raise a lot more than our $2,000,000 minimum, why the dollars aren’t free, and why people like you might be the future of movies like ours.

He also reveals why we weren’t even willing to use crowdfunding until we figured out a way to offer contributors movie tickets as a perk. It’s not just because we like saying “The Fandango Bango.” (Hint: it’s because we care about you.)

And speaking of perks, we realized that we haven’t shown you what the OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN T-SHIRT looks like. Here’s what we’re thinking:

Sexy, right?

The OFFICIAL T-SHIRT is included in all PERK PACKAGES at $55 and up*, and will look great with your mustache (included) when you use your Fandango Movie Ticket (included) to see Super Troopers 2 on opening night.**

Plus, it’s going to be as comfy as a velvet sheep fur. If you’ve ever petted a velvet sheep you know what we mean.

Speaking of soft animals, isn’t it time we checked on Farva?

(We’ve all seen it. It’s not that big.)

Anyway: be sure to tell us what you think of the shirt in the comments, or on Twitter with #troopers2shirt. It’s not 100% final, so now’s the time to speak up.

And be on the lookout for our list of STRETCH GOALS, coming tomorrow, along with some new perks to keep things interesting for Week 2.

Ciao bella!!!
Broken Lizard

*The shirt isn’t included in STANDALONE PERKS. Those don’t include anything else. That’s what makes them standalone perks!

**If you didn’t get a package with a shirt and want one now, you can still do it – just make a new contribution and select a new package. We’ll help refund you for the old perk package.