Day 9: Why We’re Still Going

Dear Bearded Fish,

We’re now into Week 2 of our campaign, and we’ve got a lot more planned. We want this whole thing to be as fun for you as it is for us, so over the next week we’ll share more plans and we’ll keep checking in on Farva.

But before that we want to express our gratitude.

Thanks to you, we passed our $2 million minimum goal in the first day, and after just a week, we’ve passed $3 million. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re like a pack of untamed Kräken.

The media coverage has been great: we’ve done interviews, morning shows, podcasts, ribbon-cutting-ceremonies, exorcisms, and even became honorary Chieftains of small tribal villages (although, that was because the Ha’kua’gaj tribe of the rain forest started an Indiegogo campaign of their own, and we paid 45K for that perk). But we can’t stop yet, because now comes the hard part.

We said all along: $2 million was the bare minimum we needed, and you helped us get it. But how good the movie gets? That’s still up to you.

If we top out at $3 million, it will give us the small, backpack wearing 9-year-old running through the streets of Tokyo version of ST2… but if we can raise five million or seven or ten? That gets us the Godzilla-demolishing-buildings-while-grabbing-military-helicopters-out-of-the-air-and-still-chasing-the-9-year-old-in-the-back-pack size version! But then you do a double take and you see that it’s not Godzilla… it’s a large Farva and he dunks the 9-year-old into a liter-a-cola and swallows him whole!!! We think you deserve the large, rubble-making, Farva.

But making movies isn’t cheap, and making movies with car chases and shootouts and bearf**king isn’t either. To put things in perspective:

  • CHASE SCENES: At $3 million, we can have a car chase, but it might be one car chasing a turtle. If we raise $10 million, we can crash all of our police hummers and t-bone an 18-wheeler at the same time.
  • BEARF**KING: At $3 million, we can have sex with a styrofoam bear. At $10 million we’re getting Eyes Wide Shut with a polar bear, grizzly bear and Koala bear and let’s just say, everyone is bear-y satisfied.
  • VILLAINS: At $3 million, our bad guy will be Lenny Lemur. (Who? Exactly.) At $10 million, we will dig up Clark Gable, re-animate him and have him say “Frankly, Officer Farva, I don’t give a damn,” and Farva will kick him in the nuts and go through his pockets looking for loose change.

You get the idea.

We’ve got big plans for Super Troopers 2, including an opening scene that we think tops the first movie; a huge shoot-out that we had to cut from the first movie because of budget; and, yes, a scene with stinger missiles. We also really do want live bears but we can’t tell you why.

For some of you, we’re betting that a bigger, better Super Troopers 2 will be enough incentive. For the rest of you, we have stretch goals.

But first, we’d better tell Farva he’s going to be in there for a few more weeks.

We kind of hope he does eat his arm off. Ugh.

You’ll get a second update about stretch goals in the next hour or two.

Broken Lizard