Day 9: Stretch Goals

Hey again,

We promised you stretch goals going as high as $10 million, and we’re men of our words.

Take a look.

Every $250K, from $3M up to $10M, we’ll throw in something extra to thank you. Sometimes, we’ll upgrade one of the perks. Other times, we’ll add free surprise perks. Once in awhile, we may agree to do something embarrassing.

Here goes:

To thank you for getting us over $3M, we’re upgrading the Behind the Scenes Access perk: instead of just getting a bunch of tweets and videos and updates from us, we’ll bring in a dedicated on-set social media individual to create content all the time, read your message and tell us what you want. This person will make us dance like accordion monkeys, just for you. It’ll be just like being on set with us, only you won’t have to deal with the hot breath.


Enough about the past. Let’s talk about the future.

We won’t tell you what, but we will tell you that we’ve gotten a ton of emails asking us to offer it. And if we hit this goal, we’ll GIVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE. (If your perks include something that we have to mail to you. If not, just grab the $5 SHIPPING PERK, and you’ll be on the free perk gravy train.)

That’s right. Our first-ever film project as a group, The Tin Foil Monkey Agenda. It’s not an Oscar contender, but you’ll have some laughs and see us when we had little flesh on our bones (for the most part). We’ll give our contributors EXCLUSIVE online access.

If your perks include a Super Troopers 2 poster ($100+), we’ll throw in a Super Troopers poster at no extra charge! If your perks include a signed poster, you can choose which poster you want us to sign. YOU HAVE THE POWER! But only if we pass this goal.

At $4M, we’ll be able to create a doc about the road to ST2, the crowdfunding experience and more. We’ll use footage from the last 10 years, new footage from set and the advance screenings, plus videos that you make and send in. Yup: you can be in it! We’ll include it in the DVD/download and we’ll do a live online screening, so you can see how good we made you look.

And that’s just the beginning.

We think you’ll love what we can do if we hit $5M.

Later this week we’ll share our plans to sweeten the deal even more. And as always, we’re incredibly thankful and honored that you’ve chosen to help us — we really are doing this together!

Hugs & Kisses!
Broken Lizard

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