Day 10: Perks + Shirt Contest

Dear Good Time Charlies,

Happy Thursday. The weekend is almost upon ye. Hang in there.

1. Don’t want to choose between perks? Get as many as you want.

  • Indiegogo lets you claim more than one perk.
  • For each one you want, just select it and make a new contribution.
  • Be sure to use the same email address each time you pledge!

2. Want to upgrade your selection or get something new?

  • Fastest way: make a new pledge while your preferred perk is available.
  • Then, we’ll help you get a refund for your earlier pledge.
  • Just want to pay the difference? Request a perk upgrade.

3. Waiting for more of a SOLD OUT PERK?

  • Go add yourself to the new PERK WAITING LIST!
  • Let us know which perks you’re still hoping to get.
  • If we’re adding more, we’ll email you at least 30 minutes ahead!

On Monday, we shared a first design for the official CAMPAIGN T-SHIRT and asked for your feedback. You gave it to us, and we hear you loud and clear. A lot of you have great ideas for other designs or ways to improve this one… but since no single shirt will ever make all of you happy, we’ve got a plan:

After our campaign ends, we’ll hold a T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST.

  • Anyone can submit a design. Even you!
  • We’ll choose our favorite as the LIZARDS’ CHOICE.
  • If your perks include a campaign t-shirt, you’ll get to vote too.
  • The design with the most votes will be the PEOPLE’S CHOICE.

Then, if your perks include a t-shirt, you’ll get to choose between the ORIGINAL, PEOPLE’S CHOICE and LIZARD’S CHOICE designs!

Three choices! Let that perc-olate (ahem). And we’re not expecting the winners to just give us their designs. If you win, you’ll get:

  • $500 (half a grand!)
  • Credit for the design
  • A dozen free t-shirts
  • A set visit to have lunch with us, and…
  • 2 VIP tickets to the premiere!
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Thorny sees this and says “Whoa. That’s a lotta prize.”]

Plus: tomorrow we’ll introduce the first of three LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRTS as standalone perks. Each of these will be available for one week only. For realz. Don’t test us.

Speaking of perky people, what do you think Farva’s up to?

Don’t subscribe to that blog. It’s not relevant to your interests.

More tomorrow!

Love you miss you mean it,
Broken Lizard

Meow is the time to FARVA-SIZE #SuperTroopers2! Get a better movie + more free perks: we’re almost at the next goal!