Day 11: I’M FREAKIN’ OUT (Shirt #1)

Luscious Lizard-Loving Ladies and Lads,

It’s Friday! Has it been GOOD? We didn’t want you to go into the weekend thinking we had passed you over.

Okay, there’s 3 weeks left in the campaign. Every Friday, we’ll release a new LIMITED EDITION shirt, available for one week only.

(We may offer them again at the very end of the campaign, but at a higher price — so if you want it, get it now!)

These shirts are standalone perks. That means you can get any of them in addition to whatever else you’re getting. But the limited edition shirts are not included with the other perk packages. If you want one, grab it before next Friday at 12pm PST.

Ready? Feast your eyes on this:

How awesome is this? It’s like we found a Super Troopers shirt made FOR people tripping on acid BY people tripping on acid! They don’t come much better than this, folks. Get it while it’s hot ‘cause it’s gonna sell faster than you can say “I’m freaking out, man!!!”

Want it? You’ve got one week. Grab one right now.

A couple days ago we announced our stretch goals, and last night you speedy chickenf**kers reached the first one. Here’s where things stand:

To keep things moving we’re going to sweeten the deal even more with SPEEDING INCENTIVES: for each stretch goal we reach between now and next Friday, we’ll also give away exclusive stuff at random.

It’s like playing the lottery except your odds are Mac-tastic!

Here’s how it works:

But we’re only giving this stuff away if we hit these stretch goals by this time next Friday. So if you’re going to spread the word and convince more friends to contribute, now is the time.

Let’s do eeet!

Before the weekend starts, let’s check in with Farva. He seems to have settled into his boredom pretty nicely.

He has a real gift, doesn’t he? Don’t quit your day job, Farva. (Actually, DO quit your day job and get the F out of our hair!)

Have a great weekend, folks. You’re really incredible and we can’t wait to start shooting. We’re starting to narrow down the start date. More news on that soon.

It’s all happening because of you,
Broken Lizard

I’M FREAKIN’ OUT over the newest shirt for #SuperTroopers2, man!!! Available for 1 WEEK ONLY – grab it RIGHT MEOW.