Day 14: Big News Tomorrow

What’s crappening, hot stuffs?

You know what? We’re tired of Monday beating everybody down! Up your nose with a rubber hose, Monday! This is OUR week and we’re taking over. We’re all fired up! Here’s why:

Tomorrow at 1pm EST / 10am PST, we’ll be adding a lot of insane perks – big and small – along with your last shot at a few of the most popular sold out perks. We’ve been working for two weeks to come up with new perks just as good as the ones we offered at launch, and we think we got them. But these things are gonna go fast, so, as the cops say: Keep your eyes peeled, and if you have a shot… take it!

It all happens tomorrow at 1pm PST / 10am PST. And if you want us to remind you, go sign up for the PERK WAITING LIST. We’ll make sure you don’t forget.

Speaking of forgetting: oh my god!

We forgot to check in on Farva yesterday and bring him some food! Poor thing must be starving! Let’s see how he is!

It’s what’s for dinner.

See you tomorrow at 10am PST.

Broken Lizard