Day 15: All New Perks!

Children of the Corn,

It’s the start of Week 3 and we’re almost half-way through our campaign.

We promised to announce some BIG new perks this morning. Then, this morning, our lawyers informed us that some of those perks might not be legal in all 50 states. It took some time, but we prevailed.

Before we get to the new perks, a few updates and additions to existing perks:

We’ve added a final few spots for our best-selling perks, including:

  • VIP EXPERIENCES at the NYC and LA Premieres.
  • BEERFEST TICKETS to hang out in Chicago on 10/10/15.
  • FEATURED EXTRAS – last chance to appear in Super Troopers 2!
  • ONE LAST BALLGAME – LA Angels, luxury box, you, us – this June!

We’ve added live events in more cities!

  • NEW – SCREENINGS in Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis + Burlington.
  • NEW – BEERFESTS in Washington DC + Vancouver!

Now, let’s really spread it on!

We know a lot of you have packages already, so most of these are STANDALONE perks. You can make a new contribution and grab any of them. (For details on all of the new perks, read their descriptions.)

  • $3000: SET VISITS + LUNCH for TWO
  • $3000: BE IN A PULLOVER SCENE + LUNCH for 2

  • $420: CHIMPO EXPERIENCE for 2 (live screening, signing, swag)
  • $2500: POTFEST EXPERIENCE for 2 (above + VIP PARTY)

  • $1500: 2 passes + MEET US after our live show
  • $7500: 2 VIP passes + HANG W/ US backstage and at dinner

  • $25,000: BLACKHAWKS – Luxury Box w/ JAY + ERIK for TEN!
  • $25,000: BULLS – Courtside Seats w/ THORNY for TWO

  • $25,000: Keep our UNIFORMS
  • $35,000: Keep the CHICKENF**KER VAN
  • $40,000: Keep the BULLETPROOF JOCKSTRAP
  • $75,000: Keep the BEARF**KER COSTUME

  • $100,000: The 5 GODFATHERS – we’ll all make a 21-year commitment to your unborn child.

  • $25,000,000: The INDECENT PROPOSAL – We’ll actually father your child.*

(But seriously: if someone takes the $25M perk we’ll just call the campaign “finished,” give you all more free stuff, and start shooting the movie immediately.)

Want to go fishing with us? Vegas for a night? Have us throw you a bachelor (or bachelorette) party? Request your dream perk now, and if we’re up for it, we’ll let you know how much we’re willing to whore ourselves out for.

All of these new perks are available RIGHT NOW.

That enough for one day?

Go get ‘em, Troopers… and be careful out there.

Broken Lizard