Day 17: Price Drops & Police Boot Camp

Dear Aliens Who Wish to Blend In Among Us,

Just a few quick announcements today.

First: there are just 24 hours left to get the first LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRT. We realized we can make it even cooler. It’ll be printed with UV inks for blacklight amazingness. So imagine this under blacklight:

Last chance: get it now.

In other news: now that we know we’re going to be on the road again, we figured it was time to get back into “cop shape.” Funny or Die agreed and arranged to put us through Police Boot Camp.

Stuntmen are awesome, don’t you think?

One last thing: we’ve dropped the prices to hang out with us at Cannabis Cup® and Bonnaroo. We’re really excited about both events and want to make sure you can join us. Since a lot of you already have tickets, we pulled the passes out of the packages to make them less expensive. (If you still need tickets, we can get those for you too, or you can get them yourself straight from the Bonnaroo and Cannabis Cup® websites.)

There’s less than TWO WEEKS until our POTFEST in Denver on 4/20, so what are you waiting for? Grab the CHIMPO or POTFEST VIP perks and come join us.

With the utmost respect and gratitude,
Broken Lizard

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