Day 18: It’s Friday, We’re In Love!

Dear People Who Know Empire Strikes Back is the Best Of Them All,

Happy Friday! We made it!

And even better, we’ve also made it to our third STRETCH GOAL of $3.5M, which means all contributors will get exclusive online access to watch our first-ever Broken Lizard film, The Tin Foil Monkey Agenda.

We’re working on getting it transferred into digital, which might take us a few weeks… but you will be watching this very soon!. In the meantime, here’s a little taste of the fantasy:

More on that soon.

And now that we’ve passed $3.5 million, let’s see what stretch goal is up next:

That’s right: when we pass $3.75 million, it unlocks a MAJOR PERK UPGRADE: a FREE original Super Troopers poster will be included for anyone whose perks include a Super Troopers 2 poster – which is all packages at $100 and up. (But not standalone perks. Those still stand alone.)

So if you want to get two posters for the price of one, now’s the time – because our run of posters legally can’t go higher than 20,000. Once we run out, we run out.

If your current perks don’t include a poster, you can still upgrade – and if you do, we’ll hit the next stretch goal even faster. Win-win!

Out with the old and in with the new! With just two weeks left in our campaign, it’s time to reveal our SECOND LIMITED EDITION SHIRT.

We’ve gotten a LOT of requests for a shirt featuring everyone’s favorite Afghanistanimation star and filthy-minded monkey, Johnny Chimpo. As we are nothing more than servants to your whims, please meet Limited Edition Shirt #2 – available in multiple color combinations!

Last week’s LIMITED SHIRT featured blacklight UV ink.

This week’s bonus: you’ll get at least 3 color combinations to choose from. (The colors here aren’t final. In fact, we’ll probably let everyone who buys the shirt vote to DECIDE what colors we offer. That could be you!)

Either way, you have one week to pick up this naughty little mascot of ours and then he’s gone. So if you want to get one, now’s a good time.

Speaking of “gone,” it looks like Farva is going off the deep end. Take a look:

What a tool.

Enjoy your weekend. Be safe, be cool, wrap it up and have some laughs.

Broken Lizard

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To ENHANCE the budget for #SuperTroopers2, @brokenlizard is willing to FATHER YOUR CHILD. A total steal: just $25M.