Day 21: More Upgrades & Price Drops!

Dear Weekend Warriors,

It’s Monday again. Tomorrow we’ll begin the third week of our campaign to make Super Troopers 2 the biggest, best, funniest movie you’ve ever seen. Or at least the best Super Troopers movie you’ve ever seen.

A few updates for you.

You’ve been sending us a mountain of tweets, Facebook messages and emails, and while we haven’t had time to respond to all of them, we really like hearing from you. If this Indiegogo campaign has been an avalanche, your messages are the warm, loyal Saint Bernard with a barrel of life-saving water around its neck, finding your way through the snow to save our lives.

Speaking of avalanches: we know we’ve been sending a lot of updates. There’s a lot to tell you this month – probably too much – and we need your help to spread the word! But you’re also our best friends and benefactors, so we don’t want to piss you off. So, if you’re in the .0001%* of contributors who want to hear from us less, you’re in luck! (We’re hurt, but you’re in luck.)

*This is not a verified statistic. We’re guessing.

1. We’re upgrading your UPDATES.

We don’t want to spam you with email you don’t want. Starting today, we’ve moved our full updates over here to From now on, Indiegogo updates will just give you the 30-second highlight reel.

If you still want to read the longer updates which we painstakingly sit in the dark each night and write by hand in our own blood, before transferring them to the interweb, because WE LOVE YOU THAT MUCH, they’re right here. Because that’s what penpals do for friends who help them make movies. They keep writing.

Moving updates to also lets us have BETTER DISCUSSIONS. Now you can comment on each update and tell us your innermost thoughts. Or which jokes you liked. Or what you want to see more of. Whatever. We’re just tired of talking to ourselves and want you to be able to talk back. Thoughts?

2. We’re upgrading the ADVANCE SCREENINGS.

We’re getting lots of questions about the ADVANCE SCREENING TOUR. We did one of these when we released Super Troopers and it was f***ing amazing and got to meet tons of you. We want to do it again.

Here’s the deal:

  • We want you to have the chance to see Super Troopers 2 before everyone else.
  • About 4-6 weeks before it comes out, we’re doing a nationwide tour: 9 cities and counting!
  • A few of us will come show you the movie, tell stories from set and answer questions.
  • We’ll pay for popcorn and drinks and we’ll give you kick-ass swag we’ll design just for this.

And here’s the new part we’re adding to make this even better:

  • After the movie, we’ll do a private hangout somewhere nearby, just for contributors.
  • We’ll thank you in person, sign your underwear (or posters), take selfies, whatever.

So, do you want to see Super Troopers 2 before your dumb friends and come get a beer with us afterward? Don’t be stupid. Of course you do. If you live near any of these places, you can get tickets right now:

(Oh, and Burlington? Come on. We added a Vermont advanced screening because we have a rich history with you guys, but you’re embarrassing yourselves. Come to the screening! That’s an order!)

3. We’ve DROPPED PRICES for Cannabis Cup® + major perks!

In other news:

When your fans show up big time and help you raise your first $2 million in just 24 hours, you maybe start thinking you’re in high demand. Maybe when you add more perks, you price them too high. Maybe it turns out that 25,000 people don’t want to see your bare butts, even for a measly $1. Lesson learned.

But we do want to make sure you’re able to grab some of our favorite perks, so we’ve slashed some prices.


GET IT NOW: $200 (w/o tickets)

  • Good for two people.
  • Reserved seats at 4:20 Super Troopers live screening!
  • Come meet us at our invite-only Meet & Greet!
  • Get our exclusive, blacklight-enhanced swag!
  • Add $90 for tickets.


GET IT NOW: $1000 (w/o tickets)

  • Good for two people.
  • Everything in the CHIMPO Experience (above), plus:
  • Join us at our very private POTFEST 2015 party!
  • Just 100 of you, a few guests and us. In Colorado. Get it?
  • Email if you need tickets to get into Cannabis Cup®.


GET IT NOW: $2222

  • Good for two people.
  • Come meet up with us in LA this fall for lunch and a shoot.
  • Be the star of your own pullover scene!
  • We’ll pull you over and improvise a scene with you.
  • You’ll get to keep the video, and we might share it online!

Doesn’t include other packages or perks.


GET IT NOW: $2500

  • Good for two people.
  • Come hang out on the set of Super Troopers 2.
  • Tour the set, see us shoot and have lunch with the cast/crew.

  • You’ll also get our exclusive, not-for-sale CREW SHIRT.

Doesn’t include other packages or perks.


GET THEM NOW: $15,000


  • Keep the full uniforms we wear onscreen in Super Troopers 2.
  • Includes: Hat, Aviators, Shirt, Pants and Badge. Plus…
  • After wrap, we’ll shave off our mustaches.
  • Then, we’ll send them to you.
  • Also includes SET VISIT + VIP PREMIERE for 2.


GET IT NOW: $25,000

  • Keep the actual chickenf**ker van from Super Troopers.
  • Hang out in the van with us and eat a few buckets of wings.
  • We’ll pull you over and call you chickenf**kers on video.
  • Also includes SET VISIT + VIP PREMIERE for 2.

GET IT NOW: $35,000

  • Keep the actual bulletproof jockstrap Mac wore in Super Troopers.
  • Come to set. Lemme will put it on and you can shoot at him.
  • Also includes SET VISIT + VIP PREMIERE for 2.

GET IT NOW: $50,000

  • Keep the most treasured prop from Super Troopers: the bearf**ker!
  • Slightly defiled but still a true collector’s item!
  • Also includes SET VISIT + VIP PREMIERE for 2.

That’s enough for a Monday.

But, wait: one more thing. We haven’t checked in on Farva since Friday, and it looks like he has a visitor! Ready to meet a hot chick? Here she is:

Ever notice how you never see Farva and his sister in the same place? Why is that?

You people are da bomb.

Thanks again,
Broken Lizard

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