Day 24: Be in ST2 for FREE!

Dear People Who Think Pluto Should Be Reinstated As A Planet,

We’ve gotten a ton of questions this month. Here are some of the most popular:

  • “When will I get my t-shirt?” (Answer)
  • “How will you know what size shirt to send?” (Answer)
  • “You got $2 million!! Why do you need more, you bastards?” (Answer)
  • “Got it. More money lets you make a better movie. How can I help make sure Super Troopers 2 kicks complete and total ass?”
  • “I don’t have any (more) money to give but I really want to…
    • Be in Super Troopers 2!
    • Visit set and meet you!
    • Come to the VIP Premiere!
    • Get my name in the credits!
  • So… how can I do those things without spending money!?”

Those are all good questions. Let’s talk about the last two.


As we enter the final week of our campaign, we’ve got a real challenge. We need your help reaching all of the Super Troopers fans who aren’t paying attention, or who don’t realize that their contributions still make a difference and let us make the best Super Troopers 2 possible. And we’ll make it worth your while:

For the final week of our campaign, we’re adding a REFERRAL CONTEST.

Everyone who gets a specific number of referrals will get some exclusive perks – that’s right, they can’t be bought! – and we’ve got insane reward packages for the hardworking fans whose referrals bring in the most new contributors or the most overall contributions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Login to Indiegogo and use the referral buttons on our page to spread the word.


  2. You can track your referrals (in your Indiegogo profile) to see:

    • HOW MANY CONTRIBUTORS you’ve referred.
    • HOW MUCH MONEY your referrals have raised.
  3. The more people you refer, or the more they contribute, the more free rewards you’ll earn!

  4. Dedication pays off. If your referrals bring in the most contributors or money, we’ve got some great rewards. (Seriously. Great.)

Just to put that in perspective:

  • If you get 25 people to contribute (even $1) you’ll get a reward! (You can also get creative: get 5 people to each make 5 separate $1.00 contributions. Whatever!)
  • Get a few people to go to a premiere or compete in Beerfest and we’ll send you a shirt designed just for high-rollers like you! Seriously. We might even throw in some other surprise perks out of gratitude.
  • Work your ass off and get at least 500 people to contribute – even $1 each! – or raise at least $100,000 from some big fish contributors, and you’ve got a shot at winning one of the top prizes. You could be a Producer, a Featured Extra, singled out with a special title in the credits and more without spending another hot cent.

If you want more details on how referrals work, Indiegogo has you covered. Be sure you use your PERSONAL referral link – otherwise we have no way of knowing who you referred!

So? Go to it! You could join us on set and be in the movie for free, just for helping us reach other fans and getting them to join the campaign! You’ve got one week. Let’s do it.


Have you gotten your Vintage #JohnnyChimpo shirt yet?

You have? Great, then this part doesn’t apply to you. (Unless you’re super stylish and want to get the shirt in more than one color combination. Which you can.)

You haven’t? Mother of God. What are you waiting for?!? This is going to be the summer’s hottest look. We don’t want you to miss out and feel bad about yourself.


And remember: this one will be available in at least three color combinations, and if you get the shirt now, YOU get to vote to decide what colors you want most.

You’ll tell us, we’ll make the top three. Simple. But you’ve only got 24 hours left to get it.

Bring home a chimp right now.

Last but not least – okay, maybe least – let’s check in on Farva again.

It looks like he has visitors in his backseat today. Who could it be?


(That could have been avoided if she had just waited for our referral contest.)

Sorry, everyone. That’s like walking in on your parents… Or your weird aunt and her creepy boyfriend.

Again, really sorry.
Broken Lizard

Start earning free perks and get a shot at our referral prizes RIGHT MEOW.

  • Go to our Indiegogo page and make sure you’re logged in.
  • Use the SHARE buttons (to the left of the video) to share your referral link.
  • Write whatever you want – or use the message below!

    Want me to owe you BIG TIME? If you give @brokenlizard even $1 to make #SuperTroopers2, I could be in the movie! [INCLUDE YOUR REFERRAL LINK HERE!]