Day 29: Live Telethon TOMORROW!

Dear Lovers Of Fine Films,

After a looooooooooooooooooong month, our Indiegogo campaign is almost over: less than four days to go. First and foremost, thank you for your support. We want to do something fun to kick off the final 48 hour countdown and build some momentum. (After all, if we can hit at least $5 million before this thing ends, Brian Cox will come back and make the sequel with us.) So here’s the plan.

Tomorrow – APRIL 22 – from 3-10pm PST, you’re invited to:

Super Troopers 2: The Time Is Meow!
A Live “Telethon” with Broken Lizard & Friends

We’ll be hanging out online for SEVEN HOURS doing a “telethon.” Remember those???

Here’s a little taste of what we’ve got planned for tomorrow:

    A cavalcade of our friends and enemies will come join us.

    Featuring performances of live music and magic! (Sorry, illusions.)

    We’ll have first-come, first-served flash sales at least twice an hour.

    Syrup chugging? Bearf**king? Up to you: the more we raise, the crazier it’ll get.

    Ask us anything. We have no shame. We’ll answer you.

    It’s a telethon. You have to be able to call and talk to us, right?

And since we don’t have a studio of our own and are saving all of our money to make Super Troopers 2, our friend Kevin Pereira – host of The Attack on Twitch – volunteered to host this from his studio. He’s so cool!

Tomorrow. 6 PM EST. and

Let’s end this thing right, people.

Three ways you can join the tele-fun tomorrow:

  1. Ask us a question on Vine or in an Instagram video.
    Be sure to include @brokenlizard and #st2live so we can find it. We’ll answer some of them during the telethon tomorrow!

  2. Talk with us live in the chatroom.
    We’ll give you a link tomorrow afternoon, just before we start broadcasting. We’ll be part of the discussion all night.

  3. We’ll add LIVE TELETHON PERKS tomorrow at NOON PST.
    Want to videochat with one of us during the telethon? Talk on the phone? Play us PvP in Grand Theft Auto V on Twitch? Have us flatter you or insult your enemies on the air? See Kevin call you a chickenf**ker by name for just $20? It can all happen.

    Check back tomorrow at 10am PST!

And finally, Farva. What’s that dumb f*** up to now? Sounds like he’s getting a little morbid.

Thanks, Farva. We need that stuff.


Your Friends,
Broken Tele-Lizard

Help spread joy in the world and let your friends know about the LIVE TELETHON tomorrow!

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Join @brokenlizard & special guests tomorrow for the #SuperTroopers2 LIVE TELETHON from 3-10 PM PST on @Attack at