Day 30: Telethon in 3 HOURS!

Dear Oyster Mongers,

Our "Super Troopers 2: The Time is Meow!" LIVE COUNTDOWN TELETHON starts in just a few hours, at 6pm EST. We’re overflowing with excitement:

Have you RSVPed yet? You should RSVP. It’ll make us feel good.

Or you could invite all of your friends on Facebook and make us feel even better.

If you don’t, we’re worried we could end…

Don’t do that to us.

Either way: we would love it if you’d tune in and join us. We’ll make it worth your while.


  1. A bunch of our friends will be joining us live. We’ll have music and magic and fun interviews! Love will be made and love will be lost! And we’ll announce a bunch of telethon goals. The more we hit while we’re on air, the crazier things will get! Syrup could get chugged. Bears could get f**ked. Lemme might get naked. It’s up to you.
  2. We’ll have FLASH SALES a few times per hour, including sweet new perks you’ve never seen at stupid low prices plus MAJOR discounts on some of our top perks. We might even bring back the limited t-shirts for the last 48 hours. Everything must go… but we won’t be announcing these on Twitter. You have to watch!
  3. You can grab LIVE-ON-AIR PERKS right now and be part of the telethon! Starting now, we’ve got a very limited number of perks to let contributors join in live: just claim one of these perks. All of these will happen live during the telethon, and some will be part of the main broadcast.

We’re going to go finish getting ready. Telethons are a lot of work.

Broken Lizard