So Now What?

To All The Squirrels We’ve Loved Before,

We’ve had a few days to recover from the madness of the last month. Now that we’re awake again, there are a few important things we need to tell you.

1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Together we accomplished something truly amazing, and our gratitude is immeasurable. (The final number at midnight Friday was $4,367,936 – making us the biggest crowdfunded film on Indiegogo and the second biggest of all time!!! You did that! That was you!)

2. Livestreams: now in reruns!

If you didn’t have time to join during the last week of our campaign, you can relive the epic comedy sagas that were our live telethon (7 hours) or final countdown (5 hours). Or you can wait a little longer while we put together a highlight reel. But it’s all gold.

Highlight of the telethon: Jesse Hughes of Eagles Of Death Metal playing unplugged while Steve Lemme stood by in his bulletproof jockstrap. Highlight of the final countdown: Steve Lemme in his squirrel suit. [JAY: Is Lemme writing this update?]

3. What happens next?

The simple answer is: now we get started on Super Troopers 2. We’re already hard at work figuring out where we’ll shoot, getting a casting director and planning our budgets – all because of you. We will be doing more drafts of the script all summer long so you get the funniest movie possible. Then, if things go as planned, cameras are set to roll at the end of September. (Film schedules change all the time but that’s the goal right now.)

4. What about the campaign? Is it really over?

The campaigning part is over, yes. Our original plan was to stop taking contributions after the month ended on April 24. But then…

  • Tons of you wrote in, asking for more time to reach the stretch goals or claim perks after you get paid again.
  • And we still need to sell more tickets to our Advance Screenings and Beerfests or we’ll have to cancel some of them and give refunds to anyone who paid for them.
  • And we really want Brian Cox back for the sequel.

So we talked to Indiegogo and it turns out that – since we reached our goal – we can keep offering "InDemand" perks and raise more money to make the movie even better. That gives you a little bit longer to grab perks and tell your friends – yes, the referral competition is still open – and it gives us the chance to keep raising funds to make a bigger, better movie.

To be fair to everyone who contributed on time, here’s what we’re going to do:

  1. We’ll leave all of the perks up for one more week (until May 5). After that, we’ll take down most of the bigger perks and offer just a few "PREORDER" packages. Those will be available for at least one month.
  2. All three Limited Shirts are available for one more week, but at a higher price than before. After May 5, the only way to get them will be to grab a full set – so if you want Freakin’ Out, Vintage Chimpo or Chairman Meow, you’ve got one week left.
  3. You can still get tickets for the Advance Screening and Beerfest events. We’ll offer these for at least another month. After that, if we haven’t sold enough tickets to cover the costs of throwing the events, we’ll have to cancel them. If we cancel an event and you already got tickets, we’ll either give you a full refund or let you switch to the $200 perk package for free: your choice.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. We want to meet you!

5. Where the F@*# are your perks?

We know that you have a lot of questions about your perks. Here’s what to expect:

  • In the next month, we’ll send you some questions about your perks.
    You’ll tell us everything we need to make your perks and ship them to you: shirt sizes, shipping addresses, etc. Do not email this information to us now: we won’t be able to keep track of it.

  • Want to know when you’ll get your perks? We’ve got a full schedule.
    Perks will be sent at different times over the next year. Some will arrive in a few months. Others won’t arrive until after the movie is released next year. But most important…

  • The exact timing of perks may change. We’ll keep you informed.
    We’ll do our best to get your perks out on schedule, but remember: the film schedule can change. If it does, that will affect the timing of everything else. Including perk fulfillment.

  • Got questions about your perks? Check the FAQ first.
    We’ll be updating those a lot as we answer your questions. It will be much faster than emailing us with questions. But if you check the FAQ and still can’t find an answer, then sure, let us know.

So that’s it.

Just two months ago, Super Troopers 2 wasn’t possible. Now it’s happening because of YOU! YOU did it! YOU made this happen! And YOU have unleashed Rodney Farva unto the world one more time!

Oh, right. Farva. We should probably go deal with that.

Let’s pop the trunk and see how Farva did, shall we?

Honestly, he’s never looked better.

Broken Lizard