We’re Baaaaaaack!

Did it stink? You bet it stunk!

We know it’s been awhile since you heard from us and many of you were thinking to yourself, “So this is what it’s like to be loved and then left by Broken Lizard.”

It’s not. That is so much worse because after we dump you we get in shape and look goooooood. Like, if you get dumped by Heffernan forget it. DepressedFest 2015. Suffer City. That dude picks people up, ravages them for 3 months then dumps them just so he can get his 6-pack back.

No. This was business. At some point we all knew we were going to have to get to work on the movie and that’s what we did.

But now we’re back to tell you everything.

What's Happening with Super Troopers 2?

1. We have a (near-final) script. Over the last three months we wrote a bunch more drafts of the script. For anyone who doesn’t know, two of the Lizards are making out with each other in this movie. There’s also going to be more male nudity – we’re still giving back to the ladies after all these years.

2. We have a start date! Remember how we hoped to start shooting over the summer? That was a little bit optimistic, since we’d have had one month to finish the script, find our whole cast, scout locations, bribe local officials to get better production deals, and finish all of pre-production. We like to think big! But good news: now that we have a script and have started casting discussions, we’ve finally got a start date. That’s right: Super Troopers 2 will begin filming on October 5.

3. We have a shooting location! During the campaign we knew we wanted to shoot somewhere in the Northeastern USA… but we needed to know our budget before we could choose a location. And thanks to you, we’re excited to announce we’ll be shooting Super Troopers 2 just outside of Boston.

(That’s right, after all those playful digs we’ve made about Boston, we’re going to be living there for 2 months. Somebody pinch us.)

What's Happening with Our Perks?

Since we’ve got our hands full with the movie, now we’ve also got a support team just working out the details to create and send all of your other perks.

We know a lot of you are eager to get your t-shirts and other swag, so they’ve been working non-stop since the campaign ended. We hear they even set up a sweatshop in…

Anyway, they’re working hard.

Turns out we offered a lot of perks and this ended up being one of the biggest Indiegogo campaigns ever, so there have been new glitches and challenges to work through. But we’ve just about solved them.

Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for:

Perk Surveys are Coming This Week!

Starting THIS TUESDAY (August 4), look for your perk surveys. We’ll email you a link to complete your survey on a site called PledgeManager.

We’ll also send you another update with more details on Tuesday, when the surveys start going out, to remind you.

You MUST fill out the survey to get your perks. This is where you’ll finally tell us everything we need to know, like shirt sizes and colors, and where to send everything.

You’ll be able to add and upgrade perks. You’ll also have options to add more perks (like Lemme dubsmashes!) and upgrade some existing perks (to get Blu-Ray, hoodies, etc).

International fans will be charged for shipping costs. For our kickass fans outside of the USA, this is where you’ll also be charged for the additional shipping costs to cover your perks. We love you just as much as our United States fans, but DHL and USPS don’t.

Welp, that about wraps it up.

If you’ve got more questions about perks and when you’ll get them, check out the Complete FAQ and the PERK SHIPPING SCHEDULE.

Oh! One last thing:


If you’ve still got “friends” who didn’t contribute to help us make the best movie you’ve ever seen and want to let them redeem themselves, a limited set of PERK PACKAGES are still available on our Indiegogo page. There’s still time to help us push the budget over the edge of $5M so we can guarantee that Brian Cox will be back!

Okay, that’s it!

Thank you all, as always, for your patience. We want to make everything ridonka-awesome. You’ll be hearing from us a lot more often as the movie starts production in a couple of weeks.

With Much Love and Gum,
Broken Lizard


We’ll have more news in an update next week, including details about the long-awaited T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST and a date for our online premiere of THE TIN FOIL MONKEY AGENDA with a live Q & A.

Good times are here again, people!