IMPORTANT: An update about your perks!

Hey everybody,

We’ve got something we think you’ll be interested in – PERKS.

You need to fill out your perk survey. It’s coming your way tomorrow morning (March 31, 2107).

“Hey! Didn’t I already fill out a perk survey?”

Yes. Yes you did. But look, that was a while ago, and a lot has changed since then. A lot of you have new addresses, some of you want to update your sizes, and some of you may even want to add or subtract stuff from your perk package.

Tomorrow you can do all that.

You should be getting an email sometime tomorrow morning that has a link to take your survey on a website called Crowdox. This survey will allow you to give us your shipping address, give us your t-shirt size, and see which perks you ordered way back in the day, among other stuff. It is incredibly important that you take this survey – even if you took the first one way back when. If you don’t, we won’t know where to send your stuff or what to send you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open the email and follow the link to the ST2 Crowdox site.
  • There you’ll see a list of stuff that is included in your perk package.

  • Click the green button at the bottom that says “Select & Choose Options.”

  • You can choose to accept each item OR just tell us to keep it and donate the money to finishing the movie. This is also where you’ll make choices for items that have options (like t-shirt designs or hoodie sizes).

  • We’ve kept the responses from your old survey, but double-check to make everything is right.
  • Once you’ve reviewed your items, you’ll have a chance to add extra stuff to your order. Want both t-shirt designs? Go ahead and add another!

  • Next you’ll give us your shipping address.

  • Finally, you’ll review and submit your order!

Your perk survey is DUE APRIL 18, 2017.

If the survey email hasn’t hit your inbox within 24 hours:

Does this mean I’m getting my perks soon?

We’ll be able to get more specific about delivery once we know the release date of the movie. This is all planning to make sure that we can get you the first wave of perks – everything that doesn’t need to be held until after the movie premieres – before ST2 comes out.

When we ship stuff and know a movie release date, you guys will be first to know!

Radio… I could use some help out here with t-shirts.

Looking for sizing info for our t-shirts and hoodies? We’ve got that on our FAQs.

We said you’d have a choice between TWO DESIGNS for the official campaign tee, and here they are! We’ve got the Super Troopers 2 campaign badge you know and love, as well as a design featuring the screen-accurate seal of the Vermont State Highway Patrol as seen on our uniforms in ST2. You can also upgrade either shirt to a hoodie, if you’re so inclined.

And, back by popular demand, we’ll be offering the Limited Shirts while the survey is open. If you missed them the first time, here’s your chance to make them yours!

DO NOT FORGET: the survey deadline is April 18. Just take it NOW, why dontcha?

Thanks, everybody. Things are picking up!

Broken Lizard