Wrapped but not locked.

To All The People Patiently Waiting for ST2,

Early last year over 50,000 of you donated to our campaign and helped us raise $4 million toward Super Troopers 2. It was the biggest crowdfunded film ever on Indiegogo and the second biggest crowdfunded film of all time anywhere. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who made that happen.

We finally finished shooting last month and it kicks ass. We’re really, really proud of it and think you’re going to be psyched when you see it.

So what happens now?

Razzmatazz. Yes, razzmatazz. That’s what we call POST-PRODUCTION, the period of time when we edit picture, mix sound and, basically, buff and polish the movie so it’s nice and shiny.

Then we show FOX SEARCHLIGHT, who agreed to release the movie once we got it funded. Then they’ll make a decision about when to release it into theaters. If you supported our Indiegogo campaign, you’ll be the first to know the date.

Is the Indiegogo campaign over?

Mostly, yes. It’s technically been over since April 2015 when we officially ended it with not one, but two LIVE COUNTDOWN TELETHONS (1, 2). But making a movie costs a shitload of money, so if you still want to help us cover the post-production costs…

You can still buy select perks over on our Indiegogo page.

Anything that we continue to raise through the sale of perks will go directly to offsetting the cost of post-production AND marketing the movie. The more support we keep getting, the more “in-demand” Super Troopers 2 is, and (hopefully) the faster the decision makers at FOX SEARCHLIGHT will get it into theaters.

Here are some highlights of what’s still available:

  • Presale tickets to see ST2 when it comes out
  • Presale downloads and DVDs of Super Troopers 2
  • Killer limited-edition campaign t-shirts
  • The official ST2 poster – we’ll even sign it for you
  • Tickets to hang out and see the movie on our Advance Screening Tour

To see everything we’ve still got available, just head over to our Indiegogo campaign and click the perk package you want on the right side of the page.

Speaking of perks…where the h**k are they!?

Why would we **** the word “heck?” Why the fuck not?

Lots of you have questions about when you’re getting your stuff, so listen up.


You can see a full schedule of our estimated perk shipping dates

Perks will be sent at different times over the next year. Some will arrive in a few months. Others won’t arrive until after the movie is released.

But most important…


We’ll keep you informed. We’ll do our best to get your perks out on schedule, but remember: the film release is still being decided. That decision will determine a lot of the other steps, which means it’ll also affect the timing for sending out a lot of your perks. Believe us, we don’t like it any more than you do. We’d love to have everything made and sent out to you right now, but it’s a lot more complicated than you’d think. And isn’t the anticipation part of the fun?


We know a lot of the perks were originally scheduled to ship out sooner, but a lot of them were things we couldn’t even start making until we finished shooting. Here’s an easy example: We can’t make an official movie poster until the official poster exists, and we couldn’t start designing it until we finished the movie.


No problem. Do us a favor and check the FAQ first. Also, be sure you’ve looked at our Indiegogo Updates, where we’ll post news whenever we get it. But if you’ve done all of that and still can’t find an answer, just let us know. Our support team will help figure it out.

Thanks again. As a number of the on-set backers heard from us face-to-face, we really could not have done it without you. We sincerely thank you.

Love and Eskimo kisses,

Broken Lizard